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The Man Cave: Baseball Bobbleheads, Comics, and Monty Python I had an epiphany the other day. I realized that all guys (and gals) are geeks. We all geek about something, whether it's sports, comic books, movies, or My Little Pony (it took me a while to learn what a Brony was). Personally, my Man Cave will have shelves of comic books, statuettes, Washington Nationals bobbleheads—I've got my Anthony Rendon bobblehead shown below in our A016 tabletop case. And, yes, I do have an Anthony “Tony Two-Bags” Rendon jersey that I wear to games—galore, and various other mementos from my life...

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BDC Gets a Sign, Better Display Cases Gets a Sign -

The big news of the week: We have sign over our door! To paraphrase Steve Martin in The Jerk, "We're somebody now! Millions of people look at this sign every day!" (If you've ever driven in the DC Metropolitan area you know that's not much of an exaggeration) Okay, we've actually been somebody in the display case business for a while, but the excitement is there. First of all, there's power tools and a cherry picker, guaranteed fun right from the beginning. No problem with the drills, but the cherry pickup got stuck in the upright position for a while....

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Beatles Band Memorabilia Display, Beatles Memorabilia Display Case -

Back in April we received an inquiry from Mr. Jones who asked if we had a case that would fit a unique set of items he wanted to display and protect. And who wouldn't want to display this cool miniature Beatles Band collection. You can see the "before/after" difference. The picture below shows the individual parts displayed in their protective plastic bags. The instruments look like they belonged in his "good living room" with the plastic covered furniture. We were happy to help Mr. Jones display his Beatles memorabilia with one of our versatile cases and vastly improve his display...

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We here at Better Display Cases are really appreciate our repeat customers. When someone is a repeat customer, we know they liked the case enough to buy another. And, that means a lot. This blog is about one such repeat customer, Holly, who collects "Danbury Mint" collectibles and she has a lot of them. Lucky for us, they all need display cases to protect them and keep them dust free. Take a look at the video below to see some of Holly's creations. Holly mentioned in a correspondence that our display cases are one of the reasons she continues to increase her...

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Barrels for Bailey, Buckles and Barrels for Bailey, Buckles for Bailey -

"Buckles and Barrels for Bailey" is a charity rodeo event that started in 2011 for Bailey. Here's a story about a display case used to hold a cowboy hat to be auctioned at this wonderful annual charity event.

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