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Barrels for Bailey, Buckles and Barrels for Bailey, Buckles for Bailey -

"Buckles and Barrels for Bailey" is a charity rodeo event that started in 2011 for Bailey. Here's a story about a display case used to hold a cowboy hat to be auctioned at this wonderful annual charity event.

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record player display case -

When Better Display Cases started out our main focus was catering to customers that desired to display and protect their sports memorabilia. Boy have we grown, and our growth dependa a lot on customers that gave us feedback. This is why we strive to constantly provide better display cases. Because, we're always getting better. As with our previous blog entry, one of our product's has been used for a slightly different purpose and the end result looks great. A recent customer, Greg Voth, modified a beautiful "Well Tempered Simplex" record table but kept the original 15" x 15" WT Simplex...

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display for your diorama -

The title for this blog entry comes from a customer who had other ambitions for one of our display cases. As our readers can see in the images below it appears that there is no end to the creativeness and imagination of our customers. These images come from Sydney who collects Japanese vinyl figures and, as seen in the images, has a knack for creating mystical environments for the little critters. The meticulous detail put into this fantasy diorama is astounding. Using one of our display cases advertised for footballs you can see what a little creativity can do, and...

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David Villa autograph Soccer Ball Display Case, Wold Cup Soccer Ball Display Case -

Read this story about how one of our customers won a McDonalds Breakfast Campaign; met David Villa and is displaying a soccer ball with his autograph in one of our display cases.

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Basketball Display Case, signed basketball case -

We received pictures of a basketball signed by Earl Lloyd In one of our display cases, and saw it as an opportunity to write an article about a man who most don't remember, but many call "The Jackie Robinson of Basketball." Earl Lloyd was a trailblazing pioneer who became the first African American man to play in the NBA. Earl was born in Alexandria, Virginia, to a father that worked in the coal mines, and a stay at home mom. He had a very promising high school career, playing at the segregated Parker-Grey Highschool. As a freshman he earned the...

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