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We're in the middle of basketball season and soon we'll have the Madness upon us. And after Cinderella goes to The Dance, it'll be NBA playoff time. Plus, there's high school and rec seasons that are playing right now but will be coming to a conclusion in the next few months. So it is time to start thinking how you want to display your memories and support. In choosing a display case, the first thing to consider (obviously) is what you are displaying. For basketball fans there are four things that we have cases or floating shelves for: basketballs, sneakers,...

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Sideshow Collectibles, What's new -

It's Hot Toys I was going to start off this first blog with a commentary about how I had already massively bombed on my New Year's resolution(s), but then it occurred to me that we're coming up on the Chinese New Year and that I can just shift to a different New Year to start my resolutions. So, I can instead talk about something else. That something else is Hot Toys. No, not the hottest toys of the year, but the figurines manufactured by Hot Toys and often sold by Sideshow Collectibles.  They produce articulating 1:6 scale models of various...

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Cave's Purpose, The Man Cave -

By Sean Meiers What is the purpose of the Man Cave? Wives/significant others often ask this question. Okay, their actual question is "What the hell do you need a Man Cave for?" but it amounts to the same thing. In an earlier blog I mentioned that I had an epiphany that ALL guys are geeks; we just geek out over different things And that's the purpose of the Man Cave. The Man Cave is a guy's temple to his geek gods. The Man Cave defines us to the world. When folks come over to see your Man Cave they get...

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The Bell of the (Foot)Ball -

by Sean Meiers The Monon Bell We're getting ready to head into rivalry weekend for BCS college football, and rivalry games are some of the biggest games of the year. Coaches have been fired when they lose year after year to their rival. I heard it said that an Ohio State coach could lose every game in the season, but if he can Michigan, he's got job security. Us older folks can remember the Fla St vs Miami games and kicks going wide left or wide right to the elation or disappointment of fans, depending on your team. Personally, there's...

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Stan "The Man" Lee -

by Sean Meiers Stan "The Man" Lee When I hear of the passing of the famous or well-known it usually passes by me with a "Did you hear that so-and-so dies today?" There have been some notable exceptions, Stevie Ray Vaughn for one. But when I heard of Stan "The Man" Lee's passing on Monday, I was saddened by the news. I started collecting comics in the summer of 1980 and continued to do so for some twenty plus years. I started reading the Avengers from issue #200 and X-Men from #135 (two issues before the (first) death of Jean...

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Veterans Day, Veterans Day at BDC -

by Sean Meiers Being a veteran and working for a veteran owned company, this day is important to me. Mo, our owner, served over twenty years in the Army.  He comes from a long line of Army and Navy Vets who served in Vietnam, WWII, WWI and even further back than that.  I am a five-year Air Force veteran with an additional four years before that in the Va Tech Corps of Cadets and another five as a Navy spouse. My dad served in the Coast Guard for twenty years, and both my grandfathers served in WWII. First a little...

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Lauren Shevchek, shoe display case, signed shoes by Philadelphia Eagle Zach Ertz -

I'd be willing to bet that if you had told Lauren back in 2013 that she would be a model, she would have figured it would be modeling swimsuits for swim teams. Lauren has been a competitive swimmer since the age of six and as a freshman at Penn State she was a member of the water polo team. But in June of 2013 she had a diving accident that left her as a quadriplegic. She dove into a pool where it was difficult to see the bottom, one that had a black bottom. But Lauren has not let her...

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assembling and shipping display cases, new products at Better Display Cases, renovation of Better Display Cases -

Here's a "sneak peek" at recent renovations and new products at Better Display Cases. You'll also see us in action assembling and shipping cases to our great customers.

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geeking on sports -

The Man Cave: Baseball Bobbleheads, Comics, and Monty Python I had an epiphany the other day. I realized that all guys (and gals) are geeks. We all geek about something, whether it's sports, comic books, movies, or My Little Pony (it took me a while to learn what a Brony was). Personally, my Man Cave will have shelves of comic books, statuettes, Washington Nationals bobbleheads—I've got my Anthony Rendon bobblehead shown below in our A016 tabletop case. And, yes, I do have an Anthony “Tony Two-Bags” Rendon jersey that I wear to games—galore, and various other mementos from my life...

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BDC Gets a Sign, Better Display Cases Gets a Sign -

The big news of the week: We have sign over our door! To paraphrase Steve Martin in The Jerk, "We're somebody now! Millions of people look at this sign every day!" (If you've ever driven in the DC Metropolitan area you know that's not much of an exaggeration) Okay, we've actually been somebody in the display case business for a while, but the excitement is there. First of all, there's power tools and a cherry picker, guaranteed fun right from the beginning. No problem with the drills, but the cherry pickup got stuck in the upright position for a while....

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