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air jordans, closet space, comic books, converse sneakers -

The way the cost of sneakers [why don't we call them tennis shoes anymore? Anyone for tennis shoes?] has increased in the last several decades is something I never really understood. Then again, I'm a guy who remembers when a new pair of Converse sneakers were $5.00; and the high tops were only about a buck more. And I remember as a kid [and I have to wonder if kids today know this], you could ALWAYS run faster in a new pair of sneakers. But with the arrival of Air Jordan's and the ensuing competition, the price of Converse sneakers...

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Mother's Day -

(And what not to do) Mother's Day is this weekend and if your anything like me, you're likely to forgot until the Friday before and then you scramble to make plans either because your kids are too young or too self-focused to remember themselves. So, this blog is serving one of two purposes, one an early reminder so you can keep yourself out of trouble or help you come up with a last minute plan. First thing, don't take Mom to brunch at IHOP. I love IHOP and their food is great, but that's the problem: EVERYBODY loves IHOP. It's...

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Display Case for Bobblehead, Display Case for Statuette, Display Case for Your Doll, Display Cases for Action Figure -

One of the things we've learned in the last year is that customers buy our display cases for things other than sports. After all our slogan is "We want to help you display your story", not "We want to help display your SPORTS story and we don't do other stories." To wit, dolls, action figures, bobbleheads, statuettes, and demitasse cups have all appeared in the cases of today's blog. The cases we are talking about today are usually tall and slim. These cases are different than many of the other cases I've been discussing because they do not come with...

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Bugs on Display -

Asaphus kowaleskii from Russia. Cool eyestalks on this guy. Sue, a new customer of ours, just bought one of our A029A cases to tell her story. The A029A is usually used for books or model planes. But Sue, a geologist, collects bugs. Old dead bugs. As in ancient history, before the dinosaurs, bugs. She collects trilobites. Trilobite are considered to be the first primitive creature to have sight with some of the species having eyestalks. They ranged in size from the microscopic to the largest species Isotelus rex which was two feet long! [Okay, a two-foot bug?! I give my...

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Exciting Two Minutes in Sports -

It's that time of the year, the first weekend of May when we get THE MOST EXCITING TWO MINUTES IN SPORTS. No, we're not talking playoffs in hockey or basketball or any other sport. Those can be boring until the LAST two minutes and you have to watch at least 58 minutes of game time to sit through to get to that point, and even then there is no guarantee that the final two minutes are going to have been worth sitting through the other 58 minutes [or worse yet a period and a half of overtime and then your...

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April update from Better Display Cases -

IN CASE YOU DIDN'T KNOW: The Purple and Green risers have arrived!! They are available even if they are not listed yet. If you would like to have them with your case, order it with white risers and included a note to tell us to change the color. Or better yet give us a call; we would love to talk to you. Unfortunately, you can't be the first to order the Purple risers-that honor goes to Renee Steinweiss—but no one has ordered the Green risers yet! BE THE FIRST! And I can confirm that Yellow and Pink risers will definitely...

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Rainbow Coalition of better display cases, what makes our display cases better -

(Part I) We often get asked what makes our display cases better. Well, your looking at one of the reasons. That's right I'm talking about our colored risers! ROYGBIV, Baby! Okay, we're not quite at ROYGBIV (yet) but we also have some colors not found in the rainbow. For those of you who have forgotten your science classes from when you were younger, ROYGBIV is your mnemonic device for remembering the colors of the rainbow in their correct order. [I know, you're reading this and going, "Sean, dude, what's up with all of those big words? Well I got a...

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baseball display cases -

My favorite sports season is kicking off. Spring training is officially under way and the two big names, Manny Machado and Bryce Harper, have both (finally) signed contracts, Machado with the San Diego Padres and Harper with the Philadelphia Phillies. After a lull in my sports activity with the end of the College Football season (okay, I still watched the Super Bowl), not being into basketball unless I'm filling out a bracket, and the NHL playoffs not happening until May/June it's time to pay attention to the sports world. That's right the Grapefruit and Cactus Leagues are starting up as...

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football display cases, football memorabilia cases -

Football season just concluded with the Super Bowl, and hopefully you've recovered from the excesses of that game: too much food, too much yelling at the TV, too much alcohol. And when your team won and hoisted the Lombardi Trophy, you immediately went out and purchased all kinds of items to share in the victory. Or maybe you have stuff you got for Christmas to show that you are a "true fan" of your team, and that you love them even if they didn't make the playoffs or lost more games than they won (J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets!) and now...

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Update From Better Display Cases -

IN CASE YOU DIDN'T KNOW: If you haven’t been to our website in the last few months you may not be aware that we now have COLORED risers! In addition to the gold, silver and black risers that have been available for quite a while, we added colored risers this fall. We now have risers available in red, orange, white, and aqua. Purple and green risers will be arriving shortly and we’re thinking of maybe adding pink. Hit us up on Facebook with your thoughts on the possibility of pink. ITEM! Our new clear acrylic shelf, A083, 5" x 5"...

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