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Transformers toy enthusiast, TFA1024, recently unboxed and reviewed our A017 Acrylic Doll Display Case. This channel is best known for stop motion animations and toy reviews of Transformers toys. TFA1024 has a goal of one day being a career "YouTuber" focused in his collecting of Transformers. Clearly, someone who cares this much about their collection needs the right product to protect their prized possesions. He was happy with the clearness of the acrylic, the easy to clean nature of the acrylic and the clear back. Also, he was happy that a cleaning cloth was included, as one is for all display cases we send...

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So, after a quick Google search for Better Display Cases, we found that recently we were featured in an article titled “Top 10 Display Cases for Collectibles”, by  In the article’s words, “These versatile Better Display Cases (appx. $48) are made from acrylic, and are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes up to 20 inches wide. You can also choose between a white or black base, while the optional mirrored back adds depth and contrast.” While it is nice to be included in the article, there are some corrections that we would love to offer. Our...

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In this video you'll hear the voice of our fantastic image creator and videographer extraordinaire. He'll talk about versatile display cases. If you can't see the video; here is a transcript of it. Your heirlooms, mementos, and collectibles play an import role in your life. Old toys that bring back fond memories of your childhood, heirlooms passed down from generations, a family bible, a sports item signed by your favorite athlete, collectible and iconic novelty items, all of these and more tell your story. But now they're left in the dark, neglected and forgotten. These items are collecting dust on...

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