Buffalos Bills vs Los Angles Rams

So the Buffalo Bills beat the Los Angles Rams 31-10! Josh Allen did a great job halfway through the game but did have a little hiccup for the first 2 quarters of the game. But after that was straight as an arrow and had 297 passing yards with 3 TD!


New England Patriots vs Miami Dolphins

The Miami Dolphins look pretty good this season and this game proves that Tua has to great dynamic offensive weapons like Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle they combined with 163 yards receiving with 12 rec that game! On the other side, the Patriots look like they are going to have a good defense just like every year but their offense is very questionable with having problems with getting a good offensive coordinator and question if their receiving core going to be good. but the game ended 7-20 final score.



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