Jakobe Productions Displays Custom Marvel Legends Figure In Our Display Case!

Recently, we reached out to a content creator on YouTube by the name of Jakobe Productions! This channel is best known for stop motion animations and action figure/toy reviews, primarily with Marvel Legends action figures. Jakobe Productions has a passion for animating and collecting. All this makes for an interesting story to display.

We sent out one of our Small Acrylic White Back cases as it is a great fit for Marvel Legends and Funko Pops as demonstrated here with these photos. 


He was very happy with the clearness of the acrylic, the easy to clean nature of the acrylic and the white back wall mount and clear back we sent him.

To get some background, we asked about what got him into animating, he said, "I got into animating because of seeing all the movies and wanting to replicate it. It mostly started with Disney's Cars and me recreating the scenes with my own collection of Cars. Years later I discovered stop motion and it all sort of clicked together. Now I'm basically doing the same thing I did with Cars but now with Marvel Legends, and I get to share it off to the internet."

The Small Acrylic Display Case comes with a variety of options, which include a mirror, clear, black or white back. There is the option for a table top case or one with a wall mount. This is the perfect case to best display your story, but don’t just take our word for it. Take a look at what Jakobe Productions had to say about the display case.
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