Guy From Shipping Excited For New Wawa Being Built Near Better Display Cases

The Stafford County Board of Supervisors recently approved the construction of a new Wawa which will be located at the corner of Port Aquia Drive & US Route 1, less than two miles from the office & warehouses of Better Display Cases. For those of you unaware of what Wawa is, Wawa is a convenience store & gas station chain in the Mid Atlantic region of the United States that is perhaps best known for their "hoagies", or sub sandwiches. They have gained a considerable amount of popularity in the past few decades, and have an almost cult-like following amongst regular customers, and this is especially true for our team member Austin from the shipping department who regularly dreams of his favorite hoagies.


Austin Dreams of Hoagies from Wawa


"Wawa is is a gas station...there are many."

When asked how he really felt about Wawa, the truth began to unfold:

"See that's so difficult because there's so many things I like about Wawa. When I wake up in the morning and I'm running on two hours of sleep, I can always count on Wawa like a friend. I get my morning breakfast of two hashbrowns & a donut. Sometimes if I'm feeling a little crazy...I get a muffin. I pair that with an Adrenaline Shoc energy drink with 660 mmg of 'all-natural' caffeine pumping through my blood veins and I'm ready to take on a 10-hour work day shipping display cases. In my mind, there's no such thing as a day off...only display cases."

When asked for any final thoughts, he cautioned us by saying:

"Anytime you hear that the Canadian Defense Minister....just...loses his mind...ignore it."

Must be those Wawa muffins he's talking about! 😉


A map showing the location where a new Wawa is being built at the intersection of Port Aquia Drive & US Route 1 less than 2 miles from Better Display Cases

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