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Display Case for Football Stadium Model

Williams-Brice Stadium is the home football stadium for the South Carolina Gamecocks and University of South Carolina in Columbia, SC. It is currently the 20th largest college football stadium in the NCAA. Fans and alumni sometimes refer to it as "The Cock Pit". The stadium seats 80,250 fans and ranks in the top 13 for total attendance. It is considered one of the loudest venues in the country! In 1983 when the Gamecocks beat Southern Cal, fans reported the upper deck was noticeably swaying. Some said as much as a foot. Joe Morrison, graduate of USC and later USC Football coach, was quoted as saying, "If it ain't swayin', We ain't playin'".

One of our customers, (Sam) has been to many USC games at Williams-Brice Stadium, especially since it's his Alma Mater. He also has a model of the Williams-Brice Stadium in his office at work, along with several Gamecock helmets and a figurine of "Cocky", the USC mascot. Being a Gamecock fan, Sam is no stranger to LOUD noise. The problem is he works in a 100+ year old building with renovations going on inside the building and an apartment complex is being built 2 doors down. To make matters even worse, his office is a block away from train tracks where long cargo trains pass at least 6 to 8 times a day. That's a lot of noise and even worse….A LOT OF DUST!

Sam decided he wanted to protect his model from all of the dust and debris. He browsed the internet and found us, Better Display Cases. Sam purchased our Deluxe Clear Acrylic Model Plane Display Case with UV Protection to protect his Alma Mater. It was a perfect fit. Now instead of dusting all the nooks and cranny's, he just runs a cloth over the top of the case and it's sparkling like brand new!

Display Case for Football Stadium Model

Display Case for Football Stadium Model

As September draws near, I can't help get excited for football season. I would like to thank Sam for letting us, "Display Your Story". Being a South Carolina Girl, I think a trip to the Williams-Brice Stadium is in my near future. GO Gamecocks!!


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