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Chris' Basketball Display Case Story

In the early 2000's Chris was a big fan of a lesser known basketball player at Syracuse University, Preston Shumpert. He was drawn to him because of his passion and the way he played the game. Chris always wanted a piece of memorabilia from him, but not being a superstar the items were harder to come by. However, a few years later he was given a tryout with an NBA team that Chris' brother was working for at the time.

After the workout his brother was able to track him down and let him know how big of a fan I was. From that meeting Chris received the personalized autographed ball as pictured below.

Chris' Basketball Display Case Story

To this day it is one of Chris's prize possessions and he has wanted to display in properly for some time. Chris stated, "I am very happy with my case and will display my ball proudly."



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