A Customer Gets Crafty

Here at Better Display Cases, we offer a wide variety of cases, bases, and risers to help you build the case that would best display your collections. While we are proud to offer you more customization than other companies, sometimes our customers take it into their own hands go above and beyond to display their items.

We love to see what our customers come up with, especially if it accentuates what our cases already do. We got sent in this set of signed NASCAR model cars that one of our customers has on display. The #4 Mobil 1 car is a model of the car driven by Kevin Harvick and the #48 Lowe's car is a model of a car Jimmie Johnson drove during his roughly 20-year career in NASCAR. Both of the models are signed by the drivers as well!

#4 Mobil 1 model car display Case
#4 Mobil 1 model car display Case
#48 Lowes model car Display Case
#48 Lowes model car Display Case

These amazing displays originally only had a mirrored back which would just allow you to see the reflection of the other side of the car. This customer added an additional acrylic mirror to the bottom of both cases AND a separate platform that tilts the car. Why is this so neat you may ask? Well, with the tilt of the car it resembles the car on the track. In NASCAR, the tracks often have a slope, especially in the turns, and this additional platform gives the car that feeling. Also, the mirror on the bottom now allows people to view the bottom of the car, as well as create a cool reflection of the side profile of the car (as seen in the pictures above).


Along with the car model cases, this same customer had a neat idea for a football display case as well.

360-Degree view Football display case

This case was originally sent with a mirrored back and mirrored platform. Our customer added an additional mirror to one side of the case. Now, as you can see, this allows for a 360-degree view of the ball. Genius!

At Better Display Cases we encourage our customers to share with us their collections and how they use our cases. Therefore, don't hesitate to send in what you have displayed in one of our cases, we'd love to see it!

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