Jerry Rice and Lawrence Taylor Display Cases

Here’s a great example of how our newest case can be used. This case actually is the same one we sell as a Fireman’s helmet case. But with a hole cut out in the platform it will hold a full size football and full size football helmet. We are also working on a new version that will hold two footballs. More to come on that!

Jerry Rice and Lawrence Taylor Display Cases

Here you can see how the wall mount version can be combined a jersey display cases on the wall to create a fantastic wall display. This “mancave wall” complete with autographed jerseys,  footballs and football helmets is dedicated to two all-time greats: Jerry Rice and Lawrence Taylor.   

Jerry Rice is one of the all-time great football players; arguably the best wide receiver ever. He was named an All-Pro twelve times in his 20 NFL seasons, including ten First-team All-Pros, tied for the most by any player. Then there are the 3 Super Bowl Championship rings he has. Finally, he holds many individual records including the most receptions with 1549. It’ll be a long time before that one is broken!

Lawrence Taylor (LT) was one of the greatest defensive players in football history. He is a 6-time first-team all-pro. He also was defensive player of the year three times and become the first defensive player in NFL history unanimously voted the league's MVP. LT has two Super Bowl Championship rings.

Here’s a blog with display cases for your football memories.

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